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We are a small team of nature and wine lovers, experienced guides and keen travelers. Always happy to share with you our knowledge, show you the Georgian traditions of hosting guests, lead you through the most exciting trails and introduce you to the most unique Georgian wines and gastronomic delights!

Be our guest!

Daria, Zviad and the Team
Local Experiences in Georgia
We are deeply convinced that each guest deserves special attention and a unique experience.
So you tell us what you like to do, and we create a customized tour for you!
Wine Walk in Tbilisi
This is the simplest and maybe the most delicious way to get to know the capital of Georgia. Have a rest after your flight and let us take care of you, once you are ready to explore.

We show our guests the Tbilisi-est spots of the Old Town - usually not only Top-3 Obligatory Sights, but the hidden courtyards, houses saved from Sovietization and demolishing, little traditional bakeries and soda nooks... and of course, wine spots! Because wine is in our blood, and we are eager to introduce our 8000-years-old winemaking culture to everyone. And to you. Especially to you!

Type of tour: Walking (a lot of walking!), drinking wine and having snacks
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 65 Euro/person (2-4 guests); 55 Euro/person (5-10 guests)

What's included:
Coffee and/or Tea - we have a little coffee break in one of the old cafes in Tbilisi
Alcoholic Beverages - we taste at least five wines during our tour
Snacks - Georgian bread and unique candies made by family recipe are included in the walk
Lunch - We finish the tour with a light lunch
Cable Car Fee (if it works - depends on current Covid regulations)
Guide Fee
In Touch With Nature
Dramatic peaks of the Greater Caucasus, smooth green sides of the Lesser Caucasus, red and yellow semi-desert, crazy mountain rivers and meditative mountain lakes... Do you want to get in touch with diverse Georgian nature? Let us know which experience to put in your basket, and we'll guide you to it.

- green walk (if you know that the physical activity is not your strongest side, don't worry, we'll find the best option for you!)
- trekking & hiking in Georgia (for those of you who are ready to spend one day and more in the mountains of Georgian Caucasus, meet the locals and share food with them, stay in family-owned guesthouses and hotels and get shocked by the landscapes!)
- rafting (no need for special training; the greatest time to do it is May, June and July, even though August and September are also possible)
- paragliding (birds in the sky, you know how I feel!)
- buggie tour (kind of safari vibe, but no giraffes - rather a hunt for landscapes)
- Georgian Mars (no rocket needed, but you'll go crazy because of resemblance),
- lavender fields (the bloom time is mid-July, so plan your trip correspondingly to beat your friends' last year photos from Provence!)
- horseback riding (no special training needed: you can have a ride for an hour, several hours, or do a part of a larger trek with a horse).
Dive into Cellars
Chacha and Wine Make Everything Fine! Have you heard of this proverb? We suppose that the rural winemakers can make you believe in it.

We love hosting wine lovers. We love hosting fans of garage wine. We hosted wine importers and winemakers. We love hosting amateur wine lovers who have no idea how the wine is made.

The most important thing is, that we know what to offer to all these people, and we've done it well.

Of course, Georgia is not only wine (even though we are a cradle of wine - ask UNESCO, if you don't believe us). We offer you the following options:

- Spirits tasting and a visit to production (meet Georgian brandy and even Georgian whisky!)
- Beer tasting and a visit to production (we mostly mean local craft beer)
- Chacha tasting and a visit to the production (Georgian chacha is technically a kind of grappa, but we believe that it's a kind of magic)
- Wine tasting (visits to the cellars in Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti, Samegrelo, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Adjara regions - not a one day deal, but the whole adventure, a real travel to the cradle of the global winemaking).
- Rtveli - Grape Harvest (available from the end of August to the mid-October; but varies regionally. Experience the process of harvest with a local family, press the grapes with them, see it pouring into qvevri, share food and drinks with the family members!)
Georgian Feast - A Gastronomic Experience of a Lifetime
- Become a Tamada (an ultimate Georgian Supra experience, with all toasts and layers of food)
- Georgian Cuisine with a Twist (taste the traditional dishes in a modern way - a unique culinary experience!)
- Eating in a Family (get introduced to family cooking, 100% homemade!)
- Cooking Master-Classes (takeaway art of Georgian cuisine)
- Picnic with a View (because even the finger food deserves a great attitude... and altitude)
-Harvest Experience (grapes are for wine, and figs, tangerines, pomegranates, persimmons and even tea are for consuming almost immediately! Ask us what is seasonal, and we'll get you into farm life)
Contributing to Local Community
All of the small and large companies we works with are created with love to Georgia and its heritage – tangible and intangible. We love to bring you to the family-owned businesses, and they love to show their hospitality to you! It's a great source of inspiration for both sides.

Also, there are places, where the hosts definitely need your support. We want to include them in our tours in order to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. Here are the destinations:

- Visit to Koda or Tserovani - the villages, where internally displaced people from Abkhazia and South Ossetia live. They will be happy to conduct a cooking class or teach you a rare Georgian craft, minankari, so that you would be able to create a little jewelry piece, a great souvenir about your trip to Georgia.

- Visit to Temi Community – a little settlement in Kakheti region, where people with disabilities live and work. They get care from the project volunteers. The residents can do the simplest kind of work in farming, wood carving, winemaking. The amber wine from Temi is actually very good! Come to try it – the money you spend for this will help the community develop.

- Visit to Dog Organization Georgia (D.O.G.) – a dog shelter near Lisi Lake in Tbilisi. Walk a couple of dogs and enjoy the weather. It doesn't sounds like big deal, but in fact you are doing the great job for animals that miss human attention. Even though these dogs don't live in a family, they are well behaved, vaccinated and always happy to run and play with the guests.

- Visit to Nukriani Workshops – a social enterprise in a Kakhetian village. The locals will be glad to teach you some crafts such as making felted goods – bags or toys. You can also buy some of those as a souvenir and support the community through this.

Are you ready to explore the most exciting trails and wines of Georgia?
Our aim is to convert a client to a happy guest. We want you to love our country as we love it, to see it with our eyes, to smell it, touch it, live it through. Well-curated local experience is a great idea for a truly soulful, enriching trip!
Our Guests About Us
Every happy guest is a future ambassador of Georgia
I visited Georgia in June of 2018. I was excited to visit the country, but was nervous to travel alone as a single female. That's why I contacted Daria. She listened to everything I wanted to do, my budget and timeline and put together an amazing customized trip. It truly was the trip of a lifetime! Not only did I get to visit one of the most beautiful countries on earth, but I also got to make a lifelong friend.

Daria, is a superb guide and an amazing person. She is extremely knowledgeable about history, politics, wine, food and a plethora or other topics. She was able to answer any questions I had or find a resource who could answer them. I can't say enough good things about Daria. She constantly exceeded my expectations as a guide and as a person. She was attentive, friendly and always went out of her way to make sure I had a great time.

You can't go wrong booking a trip with Daria. She will make your trip to Georgia amazing. Not only will you get to see a beautiful country, but you will also get to spend time with a lovely person.

Thank you Daria for sharing your passion for Georgia with me! I can't wait to come back again soon.
Cat Geason, USA
In Touch With Nature
I have had the pleasure to travel and explore Georgia with Daria twice. One can really lose track of time once at her company - it´s a mixture of her knowledge and passion on Georgia, its culture, cuisine and wine but also her personal charisma! Looking forward to our next Georgian expedition in April 2019!
Keit Spiegel, Estonia
Wine Walk in Tbilisi; visiting the regions where the minorities live

Daria is a wonderful guide. She took me into nooks and corners of Tbilisi I would never have found and gave me intriguing anecdotes about them - and wine, of course the wine! She is great company too - like being shown around by a friend.
Juliet Rix, UK
Wine Walk in Tbilisi
Lovely Daria it was our one of the best holidays we had so far. You are amazing as a tour guide! All the places were stunning.
We ❤ Georgia because of you 😘
We recommend you to whoever likes that type of holidays. We definetely come back to see more interesting places.
Aleksandra Biesiadzinska, Poland/UK
In Touch With Nature, Dive Into Cellars
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